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IMCO - The Expert in Thioredoxin and Glutaredoxin Systems

IMCO is a company doing biochemical research developing novel reagents to study cellular redox systems and oxidative stress. IMCO is also a vendor of products needed in research on redox biology such as thioredoxins, thioredoxin reductases, glutathione and glutaredoxins. IMCO was the first (1984) commercial source of thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase used world-wide. IMCO has new kits for ultrasensitive microplate enzymatic assays of thioredoxins, thioredoxin reductases and glutaredoxins.

IMCO was founded in 1972 by Drs Birger and Margareta Blombäck and Per Olsson at the Karolinska Institutet as a company providing reagents for coagulation research (IMCO stands for IMmunology and COagulation). Discoveries about the effects of thioredoxin catalyzed disulfide reduction on the activity of fibrinogen and coagulation factors by Dr Arne Holmgren and Drs Birger and Margareta Blombäck paved the way for inclusion of thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase in IMCO´s product list.

IMCO reagents are sent by mail at ambient temperature and there is no need for dry ice package.

Presentation of IMCO (pdf, 220 kB)