Glutaredoxin product line

Glutaredoxin in contrast to thioredoxin is reduced by the ubiquitous tripeptide glutathione (GSH) and GSSG in turn is reduced by NADPH and glutathione reductase (together called the glutaredoxin system). Most organisms have glutaredoxin systems and many organisms have many glutaredoxin proteins including monothiol Grx which is present is human mitochondria as an iron-sulfur protein.

IMCO has a full line of products for glutaredoxin research.
This includes the E.coli Grx1 and a mutant of E.coli Grx1 a where the C-terminal Cys residue is mutated to a Ser. This protein will act as specific deglutathionylases for S-glutathionylated proteins and will not reduce disulfides.
It is therefore used for deglutathionylation of proteins.

The unique kit for determination of glutaredoxin activity is based on fluorescence of a labelled GSH molecule which is released from bovine serum albumin S-glutathioylated with the fluorescence-labelled GSH. The kit contains seven components and is ready to use with standard Grx1 included.
Sensitivity is very high and the level of Grx1 in plasma can be determined from 40 µl of plasma. In principle any glutaredoxin can be measured with the kit.