Product list and prices

Product and Price List 2019Product and Price List 201939.35 kB


TRX-01TRX-0115.81 kB
Thioredoxin1 E.coli ( native)
TRX-0-1BTRX-0-1B18.07 kB
Ampoule with 2 mg E. coli thioredoxin 1. Oxidized form of Trx1 His-tagged and saltfree. Molecular weight with 6 His -tag = 12629
TRX-03TRX-0364.50 kB
Thioredoxin 1 human 1.2 mg.
TRX-03BTRX-03B17.42 kB
Thioredoxin 1 human. Ampoule with 0.25 mg Trx1
TRX-04TRX-0426.86 kB
Ampoule with 0.25 mg human mutant C61S/C72S thioredoxin 1.
TRX-05TRX-0564.70 kB
Ampoule with 0.1 mg mouse thioredoxin 1.

Truncated human thioredoxin (Trx-80)

TRX-80TRX-8016.43 kB
Truncated human thioredoxin 1. Ampoule with 0.1 mg human Trx-80.

Thioredoxin reductases

TR-01TR-0163.20 kB
Ampoule with 0.35 mg thioredoxin reductase from E. coli
TR-03TR-0366.85 kB
Ampoule with 10 Units (0.3 mg)of active rat thioredoxin reductase with selenocysteine.
TR-03BTR-03B69.16 kB
Ampoule with 5 Units (0.15 mg)of active rat thioredoxin reductase with selenocysteine in glycerol.

Kit for assays of mammalian Trx and TrxR

FkTRX-02-V2FkTRX-02-V2387.13 kB
Kit for assay of mammalian Trx1 using 96 well microplate format.
FkTRX-04FkTRX-04479.80 kB
Kit for assay of mammalian Trx1 using 96 well microplate format.
FkTRXR-03-StarFkTRXR-03-Star196.66 kB
Microplate assay of mammalian thioredoxin reductase using fluoresence. Direct assay without inhibitor based on Trx-coupled reduction.
kTRX-01kTRX-01132.73 kB
Kit for assays of thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase


GRX-01GRX-0117.30 kB
Ampoule with 3 mg glutaredoxin 1 from E. coli
GRX-01-BGRX-01-B17.30 kB
Ampoule with 1 mg glutaredoxin 1 from E. coli.
GRX-02GRX-0219.50 kB
Glutaredoxin 2C human protein (41-164)
GRX-03GRX-0316.38 kB
Ampoule with 0.25 mg human glutaredoxin 1
GRX-04GRX-0417.87 kB
Glutaredoxin1 C14S E.coli mutant protein.

kit for assay of glutaredoxin and glutathione

FkGRX-01FkGRX-01261.02 kB
Kit for assay of glutaredoxin ( all species) microplate reader using flurescence
FkGSH-01FkGSH-01482.34 kB
This kit is for determination of GSH with highest sensitivity and also glutathionylation


AGRX-02AGRX-0220.04 kB
Antibody to glutaredoxin 2 human. Rabbit, pure antibodies.
AGRX-03AGRX-0317.07 kB
Pure antibodies from goat to human glutaredoxin 1.Contains 100 ug of antibody. Together with AGRX-04, which is biotinylated goat antibody, AGRX-03 is also used for ELISA.
AGRX-04AGRX-04287.04 kB
Biotinylated goat antibody to glutaredoxin 1. Useful also for ELISA together with AGRX-03.
AGRX-04AGRX-0417.02 kB
Biotinylated antibody ( goat) against human glutaredoxin 1 pure antibodies.
Biotinylated antibody to human Grx2 and ELISA protocol.
ATRX-01ATRX-0117.30 kB
Ampoule with 1 ml sheep antiserum to thioredoxin 1 from E. coli.
ATRX-03ATRX-0316.81 kB
Ampoule with 0.1 mg pure goat antibodies to human thioredoxin 1.
ATRX-04ATRX-0421.92 kB
Ampoule with 0.1 mg monoclonal antibody to human thioredoxin 1.
ATRX-06ATRX-0616.33 kB
Antibody to mouse Trx1
ATRX-07ATRX-0717.18 kB
Antibody to thioredoxin1 human. Goat antibody biotinylated, pure antibodies.
ATRX-08ATRX-0816.73 kB
Antibody to human thioredoxin 1. Rabbit antibody against C-terminal peptide of Trx1 ( specific for full length protein, no reactivity with Trx80).
ATRX80ATRX8018.39 kB
ATRX-80 Ampoule with 0.1 mg monoclonal antibody to human truncated thioredoxin 1 (Trx-80), clone 7D11

Fluorescent substrates

Dieosinediglutathione 1 mg. Fluorescent derivative of glutathione disulfide.
FkGRX-01FSFkGRX-01FS66.69 kB
Fluorescent substrate for assay of Grx by FkGRX-01.
FkTRX-02-V2-FSFkTRX-02-V2-FS66.65 kB
Fluoresecent substrate for assays of thioredoxin by FkTRX-02-V2 kit. Lyophilized substance for 100 assays.
FkTRXR-03*FSFkTRXR-03*FS66.68 kB
Fluoresent substrate for assay of thioredoxin reductase using FkTRXR-03* kit. Lyophilized substance for 100 assays.